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E-Bikes Are Causing Serious Injuries and Wrongful Death

In the last few years, we’ve seen a significant increase in the popularity of electric bikes (e-bikes) as a sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Offering an effortless way to navigate through city streets and scenic routes, e-bikes have gained traction among commuters, leisure cyclists, and even tourists. This rise in popularity has also brought about a concerning trend: the surge of e-bike accidents.

Common E-Bike Injuries

According to CPSC investigations, common e-bike injuries include: Fractures, followed by contusions/abrasions, constitute the two most prevalent diagnoses. The upper and lower limbs, along with the head and neck, stand out as the body parts most frequently affected by injuries. Additionally, user-control loss, collisions with other motor vehicles, and problems with pavement contribute significantly to the occurrence of injuries and death

E-Bike Battery Fires and Explosions

Lithium-ion batteries, responsible for e-bike battery explosions, have drawn significant concern from fire departments across the country. These batteries can trigger sparks, fires, and consequently, severe burns and injuries to riders when they become overheated.

E-Bike Brake Malfunctions/Failures

Instances of e-bike brake failures can result in compromised stopping power, delayed response times, or complete brake unresponsiveness. These issues can lead to accidents, collisions, and injuries for both the rider and others sharing the road. Brake failures might be attributed to various factors, including manufacturing defects and design flaws. 

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