Trek Allant+ 7 Bicycles Recalled Due to Crash Risk

When it comes to enjoying the freedom of cycling, safety should always be a top concern. Unfortunately, recent developments have brought to light a potential safety issue concerning Trek Allant+ 7 bicycles featuring Tektro brakes.

The Brake Hose Concern

At the core of this recall is a significant safety concern: the rear brake hose on Trek Allant+ 7 bicycles has the potential to kink and break when the handlebars are turned. This poses a substantial risk as it could result in riders losing control of their bicycles, potentially leading to accidents and injuries.

Affected Bicycle Models

This recall specifically impacts certain models of Trek Allant+ 7 bicycles. To determine if your bicycle falls within this category, look for the Trek logo on the frame and the model name imprinted on the top tube. The following bicycle models are included in this recall:

  • Allant+ 7 (Nautical Navy)
  • Allant+ 7 Lowstep (Nautical Navy)
  • Allant + 7S (Nautical Navy and Matte Quicksilver)
  • Allant +7S Stagger (Nautical Navy and Matte Quicksilver)

Taking Action If You Own an Affected Bicycle

If you are an owner of one of these Trek Allant+ 7 bicycles equipped with Tektro brakes, it’s important to take immediate action to safeguard your safety. The recommended course of action is to discontinue the use of the recalled bicycle immediately. Reach out to your local authorized Trek dealer to arrange for a free repair. This repair is vital to address the brake hose issue and ensure that your bicycle is safe for future rides.

Incidents and Injuries

Trek has reported a total of 58 instances where riders lost control of the recalled bicycles. While most of these incidents resulted in near misses, there have been two minor injuries involving scrapes and bruises. This underscores the real-world consequences of the safety risk associated with these bicycles.

Where Were They Sold?

Trek Allant+ 7 bicycles with Tektro brakes were available for purchase at Trek-owned stores and other bicycle retailers throughout the United States. Additionally, they were sold online at from January 2022 through June 2023, with an approximate price of $3,800.

National e-Bike Injury Lawyers

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Featured Image Credit: Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)